Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioner Maintenance in New Orleans, LA

Why repair your air conditioner when you can prevent an expensive breakdown in the first place? All the damage your AC unit sustains stems from wear and tear that has been neglected for too long. Without the proper upkeep, even something as small as a dusty filter can wreak havoc on the rest of the unit. That’s why HVAC technicians everywhere continuously encourage homeowners to schedule regular AC tune-up services.

At 棋牌电子游戏平台’s, we provide essential AC maintenance services for every make and model of AC unit. No matter how old your air conditioner is, a little TLC from one of our professional technicians can go a long way. You’ll be surprised at how much more efficient and powerful your air conditioner will become after just one yearly service.

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AC Maintenance Services

If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy team of technicians to handle your air conditioner’s maintenance, then look no further than 棋牌电子游戏平台’s! Our technicians are highly qualified to service every type of air conditioner available, from central air to ductless units, meaning there’s no job too big or too small for us to handle. We know that your air conditioner is essential to your comfort and quality of life, which is why we take pride in offering comprehensive AC maintenance services to meet all of your needs.

We provide a 25-point maintenance inspection that includes everything from cleaning or changing air filters to inspecting and cleaning ductwork. Our team will also check the refrigerant levels, clean the drain pan and coils, inspect the condenser and fan blades, test relays and pressure controls, and inspect the thermostat – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Our team of technicians has years of experience and training, and we are committed to providing you with excellent AC maintenance services that you can depend on.


You Can Trust Our AC Tune-Up Professionals

We understand that your life is busy. That’s why we’ll never keep you waiting when you call us for air conditioner maintenance. Our expertly-trained crew members arrive on time for every service with the right equipment and tools to take care of your AC service without needing a second trip. Having been in the HVAC industry since 1979, we make sure our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to quickly identify any issues present and provide personalized solutions.

We also take pride in offering many other services to meet your comfort needs. Our specialties include:

Signs That You Need AC Maintenance

When summer arrives and the temperatures rise, so does our reliance on air conditioning units. If you want to avoid paying for a costly repair or premature replacement, it’s important to recognize the signs that an AC tune-up is in order.

The most common signs you need air conditioner maintenance can include:

  • High Utility Bills: With the rising temperatures, you must be using your air conditioner more than usual. However, if you notice that your energy bills are significantly higher and the weather is not any worse than usual, then it can signify that your AC unit is not functioning efficiently. Consequently, this higher consumption of energy leads to higher utility bills.
  • Decreased Cooling Efficiency: High-energy bills are almost always accompanied by poor HVAC performance. If you are not getting enough cool air or if the air is not cool enough, then it’s time to have your air conditioning unit checked.

Restricted or Weak Airflow: Poor airflow from the AC system is a sure sign that something is not right. It could be anything from clogged ducts, dirty filters, or a failing compressor. Reduced airflow is the key indicator of such issues.

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